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Tara LaTour was founded in 2011 with a desire to revolutionize the look of gowns in the wedding industry. We felt that brides were forced to fit into the dress rather than find a dress that was unapologetically them. We introduced color, couture construction, fine fabrics, and textures that had never been seen before. And in doing so, we’ve become the brand that cool girls flock to; Helping them keep their cool on a day that’s steeped in ritual and tradition.

Our brand is 100% produced in our atelier in Minneapolis, MN.  We pride ourselves on our ethical production practices.  All of our staffers are educated women, making living wages with full benefits. Along with ethical production, we are focused on gowns that fit every body.  We build structure into every gown to ensure a spectacular fit on all shapes and sizes.

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SIZES: We are a size inclusive brand. We have standard sizes 2-20.  For any size off the size chart we create a pattern, ensuring we can accommodate all brides.  Full customized patterns are also available.

DELIVERY: Our standard delivery is 12-16 weeks.  We do offer RUSH order production.  We have a 4-week and 8-week rush option.  If needed sooner than 4 weeks, just give us a call.

CUSTOMIZATION: We offer a variety of customization, including neckline/backline raises & lowers, cup adjustments, buttons and more.  Check out our pricing & customization sheet downloads.


FRANKENSTEIN PRICING:  Each season we pre-set prices for a different bodice and skirt combinations.  On our Frankenstein pricing sheet, just start with the desired bodice and scroll across to find the skirt option... and voila.   Check out our Frankenstein pricing downloads.


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